City Clerk's Office

City Clerk Becky Hansen

215 N. Greenwood Street  

Phone: (815)-664-4221 

Fax: (815) 664-2114 


Monday - Friday  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

1st & 2nd Saturdays of the month, 8:30 am to Noon .



  • Water & Sewer Payments
    ( Direct Debit payments, where it can automatically be taken out of your checking account each month is available; sign up at City Hall. Online Bill Payments arranged through your individual banks, also accepted.)
  • Notary
  • Voter's Registration
  • Community Room Reservations, $100 Fee (Check with City Clerk's Office for Room Availability) 
  • Park Shelter Reservations, Beginning May 1st
  • Dog Tags, Due May 1st 

Permit & License Applications

  • · Building Permits**
  • · Raffle**
  • · Liquor**
  • · Tobacco - Contact the City Clerk's Office
  • · Gasoline - Contact the City Clerk's Office
  • · Coin-operated Amusements - Contact the City Clerk's Office
  • · Coin-operated Laundry - Contact the City Clerk's Office
  • · Pool - Contact the City Clerk's Office
  • · Solicitor/Vendor/Mobile Food Vendor**
  • · Contractor's Registration**
  •   Street Closure**

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Property Owners' Sidewalk Construction Reimbursement Program

It is the intention of the City of Spring Valley to encourage the construction, replacement and maintenance of sidewalks through the City of Spring Valley.  This can best be accomplished with a joint effort between the city and the property owner working together.

**Click the button on the top right for a printable application.

For more information or an emergency replacement, please contact the City Clerk's Office: 815.664.4221 or the Building Inspector: 815.664.2785.

Freedom of Information Requests-City of Spring Valley

Contact: City Clerk

Becky Hansen  

215 North Greenwood St.

Spring Valley,IL 61362

Notice of ADA Coordinator

Name: Rebecca Hansen

ADA Coordinator for Programs/Services

Pursuant to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Illinois Human Rights Act, the City of Spring Valley does not discriminate in employment, programs or services on the basis of disability. The City complies with provisions of the ADA requiring that all programs, services and activities are readily accessible to and usable by qualified individuals with disabilities. The grievance procedures are available from the Spring Valley City Clerk. They include the requirement for any grievance or complaint be filed in writing with the clerk 7 or more days prior to hearing and that the hearing will be held before the Spring Valley City Council.

The City of Spring Valley is an equal opportunity provider and employee.

Other Helpful Information


Building Inspector

Mike Argubright

Phone: 815.664.2785


New Ordinance requires all rental property owners in the City of Spring Valley 

to register their properties.

Contact the City Clerk's Office for more information. 

To view the ordinance click the button below. 


Map of Spring Valley scheduled Garbage Collection, effective May 2019.


Garbage Services

 Provided by:      Republic Services

Address: 2840 E 13th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone:   (779) 861-2887  or  815 434-2035


Effective Immediately: Garbage pick up has been rescheduled to Monday-Thursday.

Pick-up originally on Monday & Tuesday will both be collected on Monday.

Garbage collection originally on Wednesday has been moved to Tuesday.

Garbage collection originally on Thursday will now be picked up on Wednesday.

Garbage collection originally on Friday has been moved to Thursday.

Garbage should be placed on the berm by 5 a.m. of the day of your pick-up.

Available at City Hall:  Recycling Bins $10

Yard Waste - Unlimited amount allowed at no charge. Must be packed in a biodegradable container.

A new Illinois law bans the dumping of electronics such as computers, cell phones and televisions, in landfills.

Other Helpful Information

Comcast Payment Options

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

On-Line Bill Pay

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Credit cards via Automated Phone

US Mail

In-person at the following retail:

Check Into Cash, 1002 Shooting Pk Rd, Peru

Hy-Vee, 1651 Midtown Rd, Peru

Wal-Mart, Peru, using the Money Gram service

Equipment may be returned, without wrapping or box, to any local UPS store, at no charge to the customer.

City of Spring Valley ISO

 Public Protection Classification: 04/4X 

Warning Sirens

FIRE: High/Low tone that lasts for approximately 45 seconds or 6 cycles.

WEATHER ALERT : Continuous cycle -

3 mins. or longer

(Note: There is no all clear siren rung after a tornado.)

Siren's are located in Webster Park, City Park, Baltikuski Park and by JFK School.


Burning Hours

Burning is permitted, on Mondays through Saturdays, and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. between October 1st and May 1st of each year.

No burning is allowed on Sundays from May 1st to October 1st.

Burning of building & construction materials is NOT allowed.

No leaf burning is allowed on city streets and sidewalks; except on brick streets with such burning limited to waste generated by the lot immediately adjacent to the city street. Burning of leaves is allowed on private property with supervision present until the fire is extinguished.

No Burning allowed on any days that Hall High School has a home football game.

See LEAF COLLECTION information on this pages for details on pick-up.

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

 The rate schedules linked to on the button below contain the prevailing wage rates required to be paid for work performed on or after December 16, 2019 on public works projects in each County.