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City of Spring Valley Contact

Debb Ladgenski Economic Development Director 

215 N. Greenwood Street Spring Valley, IL 61362 

Office:   815•664•2753 

Cell:   815•303•4327 

Fax:   815•664•2114 



Why Spring Valley?

Available Properties

Available Properties

We could go on and on... in fact we would like to! Contact us at (815) 303-4327 to schedule a time! In the meantime - browse around here for demographics, incentives, and available properties... We look forward to talking to you!


Available Properties

Available Properties

Available Properties

Whether looking for a turn-key building, or property to build the facility that takes your business to the next level - we've got the resources to take you where you want to be!

To see our featured properties on Location One, click the button below. 

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of additional properties.  

Contact us for more details.


Ready Workforce

Available Properties

Ready Workforce

We live in a "neighborly" area where we look out for each other, value a day's work and take pride in our accomplishments. Add a supportive network of education facilities- including an innovative community college- it's a recipe for your success



Property Features

  • Located between .5 – 2.5 miles from Interstate 80; minutes from I-39
  • Flat, build able, topography
  •  Parcels from 3.5 – 144 acres ( check for options to divide or combine acreage) 
  • Zoned M-I
  • Utilities adjacent or near sites
  • R/O treated water City water
  • TIF & Enterprise Zones
  • No impact fees


Curt Anderson, a former General Manager for Spring Valley's Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6092 had this to say about our locality:

"In 1999, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. selected Spring Valley as the site for a 1.2 million square foot Regional Distribution Center. Although many other locations in north central Illinois were considered, Spring Valley's proximity to the interstate highway network and its diverse and tenacious workforce ultimately made it the first choice for the facility. As our Distribution Center enters its 5th full year of operation, we continue to be exceptionally pleased with that decision. The talent available here in the Illinois Valley has allowed us to build a dedicated team of associates, and the local area has provided over 80% of the buildings current leadership. The community has been tremendously supportive, municipal agencies have accommodated our needs, and local businesses have provided many of the products and services necessary to smoothly open and operate our building. The strong relationship between Wal-Mart and the Spring Valley community has contributed greatly to our success, and we are confident this partnership will continue to benefit the area for years to come." 


Click on the "Find Out More" box below to access an interactive map of Spring Valley. 

Location Location Location


Travel Times from Major Metro

How to Get Here.


 The City of Spring Valley is ideally located in the beautiful Illinois Valley in North Central Illinois at the crossroads of our nation’s transportation system.Situated at exit #70 on Interstate 80, Spring Valley is just minutes from I-39.  We form the center hub within the Illinois metropolitan areas of Rockford, Chicago, Joliet, Bloomington-Normal, Peoria and the Quad Cities.  Nationally, we connect Canada and the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and provide a central Midwestern link from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. 

How to Get Here.

Travel Times from Major Metro

How to Get Here.


It's easy.

 From Chicago, Joliet or the Quad Cities, travel I-80 to exit #70 at the Ladd-Spring Valley exit and take Illinois Route 89/6 south.

From Rockford, Rochelle, or Bloomington-Normal, take I-39 to I-80 west; exit #70 at the Ladd-Spring Valley exit and take Illinois Route 89/6 south.

Travel Times from Major Metro

Travel Times from Major Metro

Travel Times from Major Metro


 60-90 Minutes Travel Time


Peoria - 57 miles - 113,000

Dekalb - 66 miles - 34,000

Joliet - 66 miles - 106,000

Bloomington - 69 miles - 65,000

Normal - 69 miles - 45,000

Aurora - 75 miles - 150,000

Rockford - 80 miles - 150,000

Quad Cities - 80 miles - 213,000

Chicago - 90 miles - 2,900,000.00

Champaign - 118 miles - 68,000

TOTAL Population  - 3,844,000


Airports and Related Information

Travel Times from Major Metro


 Rail service for Spring Valley 

is served by the Rochelle (55 miles) 

and Joliet (65 miles) Intermodals. 

Iowa Interstate Railroad

travels east/west through Spring Valley 

on the southern edge of town.

The Illinois Railway travels north/south

on the eastern edge of town.

Details on the IL MAP of Railroads.

Airports and Related Information

Airports and Related Information

Airports and Related Information


 Convenient air service can be found at Illinois Valley Regional Airport.  Other regional and major air fields are located within 60-90 minutes away.

Illinois Valley Regional Airport – Peru, IL       

Within 10 minutes of Spring Valley

Central Illinois Regional Airport 

 Bloomington, IL       55 miles

Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria, IL 

Peoria, IL      60 miles

Chicago Rockford International Airport  

Rockford, IL     70 miles

Quad City International Airport  

 Quad Cities (IL & IA)        80 miles

Midway Airport – Chicago, IL    90 miles

O'Hare International Airport - Chicago, IL   95 miles


Midwest AVtech             Illinois Valley Regional Airport, Peru             815.223.8441


William Bradshaw        815.883.8977

Art's Shuttle      815.223.1769


Airports and Related Information

Airports and Related Information


 The Illinois River, an important link in the Chicago to New Orleans river transportation network, 

sits at its southern border.  

ADM Growmark and Cargill grain elevators are located there.  

Spring Valley Business & Community



Population & Quick Facks

Spring Valley: 5,199

Bureau County: 32,993


Age Groups

(Bureau County) 19 & under: 26.3% 

20-34: 17.5% 

35-54: 26.6% 

55-74: 21% 

75 & up: 8.6% Median 

Age: 40.3



(Bureau County) White: 87.4% 

Hispanic: 9.5%

Current ESRI Demographics

Quick Facts:

Spring Valley 2018

Bureau County 2018

2016 Annual Labor Force

LWA 4 - Bureau, Carroll, Jo Daviess, La Salle, Lee, Ogle, Putnam, and Whiteside Counties

Unemployment Rate: 5.1%.

(November 26, 2016)

*Source: IL Dept. of Employment Security

Wage Information

Illinois Minimum Wage:

January 1, 2020 - $9.25 per hour

July 1, 2020 - $10 per hour

Major Employers

Additional Information


Company                                   Type                        Employees                 SIC Code - Description


Walmart D.C. #6092         Distribution                     800                           5099 - Durable Goods


St. Margaret’s Hospital     Healthcare                     650                           8062 - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals


Riverfront Machine        Manufacturing                   75                            3469 -  Metal Stamping


Western Sand & Gravel    Concrete                           75                            3273 - Ready-Mixed Concrete


Mautino Distributing        Distribution                     50                            5963 - Direct Selling Establishments


Ronken Industries          Manufacturing                   48                           3629 - Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC


Aqua Control                    Manufacturing                   30                           3561 -  Pumps and   Pumping Equipment


Marmon Keystone             Distribution                      25                          5051 - Metals Service Centers and Offices


Cosgrove Distributors      Distribution                      16                          5087 - Service Establishment Equipment and                                                                                                                                Supplies


Regenex                              Manufacturing                   11                           3089 - Plastics Products


Olsen Trucking,               Transportation                   10                           4213 - Trucking, except Local

Cargill                             Grain Distribution                  9                             4221 -  Farm Warehouse 

ADM                                 Grain Distribution                  9                             5153 - Grain and Field Beans


Development, Codes & Permits

SV City & Land Use Development

SV City & Land Use Development

SV City & Land Use Development


 This city code of the city of Spring Valley, as supplemented, contains ordinances up to and including ordinance 1636, passed June 20, 2016. Ordinances of the city adopted after said ordinance supersede the provisions of this city code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. Consult the city office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded or repealed. 



SV City & Land Use Development

SV City & Land Use Development


The City of Spring Valley provides access to its permits and forms required for construction, demolition, renovation, business applications and residential services on its Home Page. 

Please click the button below to bring you directly to the site.



The purpose zoning is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of existing and future residents of the city of Spring Valley by:

(A) Implementing the comprehensive plan;

(B) Classifying land within the city into zoning districts;

(C) Regulating the location and use of all structures, lands and waters;

(D) Regulating the intensity of uses and structures through building coverage, density and dimensional standards;

(E) Ensuring protection from fire, flood and other dangers;

(F) Lessening congestion and promoting the safety and efficiency of streets and highways;

(G) Improving pedestrian safety;

(H) Providing adequate privacy, light, air, sanitation, and drainage;

(I) Preventing overcrowding and avoiding undue population concentration;

(J) Facilitating the adequate provision of public facilities and utilities;

(K) Providing adequate and aesthetically pleasing stormwater management facilities;

(L) Stabilizing and protecting property values;

(M) Furthering the appropriate use of land and conservation of natural resources;

(N) Maintaining and enhancing the aesthetic appearance and physical design of the city;

(O) Encouraging the effective use of signs as a means of communication for businesses, organizations and individuals, and minimizing the possible adverse effects of signs on nearby public and private property;

(P) Ensuring sound development and community growth by establishing minimum standards for subdivision design;

(Q) Promoting aesthetically pleasing development by establishing minimum standards for installation of landscaping and screening materials;

(R) Minimizing the adverse impacts of noise, dust, glare and other objectionable activities or impacts;

(S) Promoting the development of land for the highest possible use and protecting against deterioration and obsolescence that would adversely affect the living environment or tax base;

(T) Providing common grounds of understanding and a sound working relationship between the city and developers and to safeguard the interests of the homeowner, the subdivider, the investor and the city;

(U) Managing growth within the city by concentrating development within the effective operating range of existing public utilities and improvements;

(V) Causing the cost of design and installation of improvements in new, platted subdivisions to be borne by the persons purchasing the lots rather than by any direct or indirect burden upon existing property owners beyond the limits of the subdivision;

(W) Coordinating new subdivision design with the design of the city as a whole to allow for the proper capacity of all types of improvements on the basis of an orderly sequence of subdivisions as a part of neighborhoods and neighborhoods as a part of the community;

(X) Securing the rights of the public with respect to public lands and waters;

(Y) Improving land records by establishing standards for surveys and plats; and

(Z) Providing for the administration and enforcement of this title and providing penalties for its violation

Click on the Permits, Forms, Registrations & Links Button at the top of this section to download a copy of the zoning map.


Doing Business

How We Can Help

 The City of Spring Valley is committed to the location, retention and expansion of new and existing business in Spring Valley.  In addition to properties with a prime location and a qualified workforce, various local, state and federal incentive programs are available that aid with financing, tax credits, workforce training and technology development.  

Please view the descriptions and links below for more information.  To ensure eligibility and availability of the programs described, be sure to contact us before beginning any project. Many incentive programs have a "but for" clause that must be met. This means "this project cannot be done 'but for' the assistance of this program." Once construction has begun or the purchase has been made, it's probably too late to make application to most programs, so find out what the parameters of the incentives are during the planning stage of the project.

 Applications will be reviewed to discover if the company meets the qualification requirements making it feasible to proceed with the processing of the request.   


Incentives & Programs

Federal Programs

Revolving Loan Fund

Federal Programs



 USDA provides funding opportunities for rural small businesses through loans, loan guarantees, and grants.


USDA Business and Industry Loan Guarantee program bolsters the existing private credit structure through the guaranteeing of loans for rural businesses, allowing private lenders to extend more credit than they would typically be able to.


Facade Grants

Revolving Loan Fund

Federal Programs



The primary goal of the Spring Valley Revitalization TIF Grant Program is to visibly enhance the city’s business district, promote the historic restoration of its structures, encourage economic renewal, and create a safe, attractive, and well-maintained environment that promotes a thriving entrepreneurial climate.

Facade Grants must be submitted for approval prior to any work being done.

Click on FACADE  for information and an application for the Business Revitalization Grant or choose the FACADE BUTTON below and Scroll to the Local Incentives Section.

Revolving Loan Fund

Revolving Loan Fund

Revolving Loan Fund


 The revolving loan fund is designed to make available needed, reasonable term loans at an attractive blended interest rate to existing and potential business/property owners to invest in the City of Spring Valley with the result of job creation and/or retention for low to moderate income persons.

  • A match of 2:1 will be required.
  • Minimum SV-RLF Program Loan shall be $5,000 and the maximum shall be determined as funds are available.
  • Rates and terms shall be determined by the purpose, as set in the SV-RLF guidelines.

Click on the Revolving Loan Button and Scroll to the Local Incentives Section to download a Revolving Loan Program Guide.

Enterprise Zone

Tax Increment Financing District

Revolving Loan Fund


 The Bureau/Putnam Area Enterprise Zone was established in July of 1987 and recently qualified for an extension until 2017.  The purpose of the Zone is to help stimulate the location and expansion of business to provide jobs and revenue for the Bureau/Putnam area.  View the map linked below to see specific Spring Valley properties within the Zone boundaries.  These boundaries may be expanded based on specific commercial or industrial projects. 

Available Assistance 

Targeted Financial Assistance: The State of Illinois offers a variety of loan financing with competitive interest rates (as low as 3%) to qualifying firms.

Site Selection: We can assist you in quickly identifying sites most suited to your needs. Depending on your project, the enterprise zone can be expanded to include a site if it is not within the current boundaries.

Employee Selection and Training: Through our superb local training assistance agency and our area community college, we can assist your firm in selecting and training employees at a substantially reduced cost to your firm.

Small Business Assistance: The Small Business Development Center at the local community college offers a wealth of information and technical assistance to small and medium sized firms. The Center has established a wide network of information to help you with your needs.

Local and State Incentives

In addition to the above assistance, the zone itself offers a wide array of local and state incentives including a near 100%, 10 year property tax abatement on industrial/commercial real property improvements, a 6 – 6.25% local and state sales tax deduction on locally purchased building materials, and a “zone project only” 0.5 % investment tax credit on qualified property/equipment investments.

View the Enterprise Zone Brochure on your Computer The Bureau/Putnam Enterprise Zone Brochure is available to view, save, and print from this site using Adobe Acrobat Reader software (a .pdf viewer). The brochure, from which the information on this page is taken, can be viewed in a grayscale version of the original color brochure. In order to view this brochure, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is distributed free of charge, is compatible with any computer system, and is available – click here.

For further information or questions about the Bureau/ Putnam Area Enterprise Zone contact Kevin Lindeman at 815/433-5830 or at .


Bureau Putnam Enterprise Zone Map 7.22.2014 (35400KB | .pdf)

Bureau Putnam Co. EZ Project Application (362KB | .pdf)

Bureau Putnam Co. EZ Exempt Certificate Application (35400KB | .pdf)

Visit the Zone Administrator's Website here

Contact B/PEZ Administrator: bpez@ncicg.og 

Tax Increment Financing District

Tax Increment Financing District

Tax Increment Financing District


 In August of 2006, Spring Valley enacted an extensive Tax Increment Financing District.  The real estate tax increment of the properties within the district can be used as a source of revenue to reimburse certain costs for public and private projects either by issuing TIF bonds or by reimbursing developers on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. All of the other taxing bodies continue to receive real estate tax revenue from the base assessed valuation, so there is no loss of revenue to those local taxing bodies. The maximum life of a TIF District is 23 years; therefore the life of Spring Valley’s district benefits extends until 2029. Many prime properties available for development in Spring Valley are located within the district boundaries.TIF can be used to fund a variety of public improvements and other investments that are essential to a successful redevelopment program, including:

  • Area-wide public infrastructure improvements such as road and sidewalk repairs, utility upgrades, water and sewer projects.
  • Acquisition, clearance and other land assembly and site preparation activities.
  • Rehabilitation of older, deteriorating or obsolescent buildings.
  • Correction or mitigation of environmental problems and concerns.
  • Job training, workforce readiness and other related educational programs.
  • Incentives to retain or attract private development

To download a:

TIF Brochure

A map of Spring Valley’s TIF District 

A developer’s application for TIF benefits

TIF Elligible Costs

Click on the Button  below to the Links Page

and scroll to the TIF section. 

Other State Incentive Programs

Tax Increment Financing District

Tax Increment Financing District


 Other specific incentives are available for Workforce, Financing, Tax Credits, and Technology. Information on these incentives is available through the following links.

The state of Illinois has a wealth of economic development programs, services and incentives available to eligible candidates. Please explore the opportunities and fill out the inquiry form on the pages of your choice, if you'd like further information.

IL DCEO Program & Services Guide

Financing Business and Community Growth

The Illinois Finance Authority (IFA) provides access to low-cost, non-conventional financing along with expert, hands-on support to help businesses, farms, local governments, hospitals and non-profits get capital needed for growth. We invite developers, financiers, and community partners to explore our programs and talk with IFA about supporting economic development and job growth in Illinois.


The Illinois agriculture industry employs one in four people either directly or indirectly. For over 32 years, the Treasurer's office has been providing opportunities for Illinois farmers through the Ag Invest Linked Deposit Program.


The Illinois General Assembly authorizes the Treasurer's Office to manage Technology Development Accounts.  These accounts allow the Treasurer’s Office to use a portion of the State’s Investment Portfolio to provide capital to technology funds in Illinois that finance technology businesses seeking to locate, expand, or remain in Illinois.


Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit Program (EDGE)

The EDGE program provides an incentive to businesses to support job creation, capital investment and improve the standard of living for all Illinois residents. The non-refundable corporate income tax credit is calculated as a percentage (not to exceed 100%) of the expected income tax withholdings of new job created in the state. Tax credits are available to qualifying companies, equal to the amount of state income taxes withheld from the salaries of employees in newly created jobs. Non-refundable credits can be used against corporate income taxes to be paid.

Tax credits amounts are calculated on a case-by-case basis. EDGE credits are processed on an annual basis, for up to 10 years, based upon employment ramp-up plans outlined by the business and agreed to by the Department. 

Click on the link button below to bring you to the Popular Links Page.  Scroll to State Incentive Programs and click on the EDGE application file. 

Economic Development Partners

Area Chamber

I-39 Logistics Corridor

Regional Marketing


Centrally located in the northern part of the state, the Illinois Valley is home to thousands of businesses in the three county region of La Salle, Bureau and Putnam.  

The Illinois Valley is a thriving combination of small businesses and large corporations, with  a well educated, job ready workforce and convenient access to interstate, rail, and river.  Illinois Valley economic development is strong and ready new business opportunities.  

The Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development promotes the region by supporting companies relocating and assisting those that are seeking to expand. 

Regional Marketing

I-39 Logistics Corridor

Regional Marketing


With a commitment to a Progressive Future, business leaders and elected officials in Bureau, LaSalle and Putnam Counties of Illinois, united to form the Economic Development Corporation of North Central Illinois (NCI) in 2016. The non-profit Public-Private Marketing Partnership is totally focused and dedicated to marketing the region for new investment and job creation. 

I-39 Logistics Corridor

I-39 Logistics Corridor

I-39 Logistics Corridor


 The I-39 Logistics Corridor is all about helping you connect to the proximity vital for logistics, manufacturing, company headquarters, raw resources and materials, and industry and business clusters. We identify site criteria important for the Chicago area, which handles more freight than any other city in the country. 

Regional Planning

Public Private Partnership

I-39 Logistics Corridor



We are a regional planning agency located in the City of Ottawa in LaSalle County, Illinois. Our organization has been providing planning, technical assistance, and grant writing services to counties, townships, and communities since 1979.

Misson: “To meet the needs of local officials by helping improve and strengthen their communities and the region.”

Small Business

Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership




of a new economic development organization driving business growth, creating

jobs and providing unbeatable customer service, topped off with our famous

Midwestern hospitality and work ethic.

Illinois DCEO

IL Business Resources

IL Business Resources


 Our mission is to provide economic opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents that improve the quality of life for all Illinoisans. 

We are laser-focused on improving transparency and accountability, enhancing customer service, increasing Illinois’ competitiveness, advancing minority empowerment, modernizing Illinois’ workforce, and elevating our state’s promotional efforts.

The Illinois Department of Commerce delivers impactful and efficient programs and services through the following offices. 

Click below to learn more:

· Office of Business Development

· Office of Community Assistance

· Office of Community Development

· Office of Employment & Training

· Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology

· Office of Film (A.K.A. Illinois Film Office)

· Office of Minority Economic Empowerment

· Office of Tourism

· Office of Trade & Investment

· Office of Urban Assistance

IL Business Resources

IL Business Resources

IL Business Resources


We offer a wide range of resources for those looking to start a business any where in Illinois.  

 Learn more about registration requirements for Illinois businesses. 

Innovation & Technology

IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center


 If you are an innovator in search of more information about how to get things done in Illinois, you have come to the right place. This directory will assist: 

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators both currently residing in and considering relocation to Illinois;
  • Startups, small businesses and researchers in need of legal, financial or consulting advice; 
  • Corporate innovators looking to connect to entrepreneurs and a broader network of resources; and
  • Anyone looking for the answers to the question: "who is doing what?" to build the Illinois Innovation Ecosystem.

IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center


 IMEC is a team of improvement specialists and technicians dedicated to providing organizations in Illinois with the tools and techniques to create sustainable competitive futures. The experienced hands-on team at IMEC works closely with its clients to plan critical business improvements in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Customer Engagement, Operations, and Workforce


1501 W. Bradley Avenue

Peoria, IL 61625

Phone: 888-806-4632
Fax: 309-677-3289



Employment Opportunities & Assistance

 North Central Illinois Works One-Stop Business Services Team & the Illinois Employment and Training Center work for all businesses. The IETC is a joint venture of business, government, education, and community based organizations operating under the direction of North Central Illinois Works, a local Workforce Investment Board. The following market-driven services are available to help businesses thrive in today's complex, competitive, and ever-changing economy.

  • Tax Credits & Hiring Incentives
  • Screening & Referral Options
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  • Customized Training for New & Existing Employees
  • Interview & Meeting Facilities
  • Access to Available Workforce
  • Job Postings & Promotion
  • Expansion, Attraction & Retention Services

IL Office of Employment & Training

NCI Works

NCI Works State of the Workforce 2017



Business Employment Skills Team, Inc. (BEST, Inc.) is a non-profit agency that administers federally-funded programs such as Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in Bureau, Carroll, Jo Daviess, LaSalle, Lee, Ogle, Putnam and Whiteside Counties. With offices in Peru, Ottawa, Dixon, Princeton, Sterling, Oregon and Mt. Carroll its focus is assisting adults and youth gain meaningful employment through training, job search assistance and work experience.

Accessing its vast range of business services, BEST, Inc. assists local companies to thrive in today’s complex, competitive and ever-changing economy. Our professional staff will meet with employers on site to assess their needs and determine an appropriate implementation plan to meet those needs. 


The IVCC Business Training Center (BTC) provides consulting and training solutions designed to help our clients maintain a competitive operation and a skilled, knowledgeable workforce. The BTC has earned a reputation for top-notch consulting, instructor excellence, relevant content and practical results-oriented training. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with issues and trends relevant to business and industry.  


For further information and a listing of our services and courses call or e-mail Jennifer Sowers at (815) 224-0280, e-mail:



IL Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Job Postings, WEBSITE

NCI Works "No Place Like Home"Job Postings WEBSITE

CCJobNet - powered by College Central Network© - is a joint partnership among fourteen Northern Illinois Community Colleges. As a registered Job Seeker, not only will you see job opportunities from local employers, but also jobs posted by employers from any of our partner campuses. WEBSITE

Network your way to a new job. 

CareerBuilder: Find the right job.  Right now.