Spring Valley Water Treatment


Reverse Osmosis Treatment Operator

Hal Entwistle


Sewer Treatment Operator

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant:

The City of Spring Valley has one goal in mind when operating our Water Treatment Facility; this is to provide the safest and highest quality water possible. With federal and state government E.P.A. regulations on quality/safety becoming stricter every year we are always attempting to meet and even exceed these standards.

Unlike the years prior to 2004 when water was pumped straight from the ground, chlorinated and sent immediately to the consumer, the Reverse Osmosis process Spring Valley currently treats our water with is first filtered before going through the Reverse Osmosis treatment where it removes impurities on a microscopic level. It is then blended for low level hardness, adjusted for proper pH level, disinfected and treated with Fluoride to help promote healthy teeth. The water is subjected to multiple daily tests in the facility’s lab and Illinois E.P.A regulated testing and reporting is done throughout the year along with E.P.A inspections of the facility.

Spring Valley’s water system has two deep wells and more than adequate water storage to not only meet consumer’s normal daily demands, but to also supply water for fire protection. On average we produce 500,000-780,000 gallons of water per day. Storage consists of three Elevated Towers, a Standpipe, and two ground level Clear Well Tanks at the treatment facility.

System Capacity Breakdown:

The Route 89’ tower near Wal-Mart Distribution holds 1,000,000 gallons. City Hall property has a tower with 150,000 gallon capacity and the St. Bede Academy property has the third tower with 100,000 gallon capacity. The Standpipe holds 500,000 gallons and the two Clear Wells will hold 164,000 gallons, for a total of around 2,000,000 gallons in capacity. This system is always backed up by an emergency generator in case of any power outage.  A “Fire Protection Only” storage tank of 300,000 gallons is also provided to Wal-Mart Distribution.

Spring Valley is and will always strive to update and maintain our water’s infrastructure so that we can continue to provide our community with safe and reliable drinking water while remaining as cost effective as possible.

If you have questions, would like to learn more about our system or even take a tour in the future; please contact the City Hall office at 815-664-4221 and they can arrange to have our water treatment operator contact you.

Water Treatment

Operator: City of Spring Valley
Source: 2 wells
Maximum Pumping Capacity: 3.88 MGD
Maximum Treatment Capacity: 2.16 MGD
Average Daily Demand: 0.750 MGD


Sewage Treatment

Operator City of Spring Valley

Construction completed 2017

Design Daily Flow 0.8 MGD

Design Max Flow 2.2 MG

Lagoon Capacity: 34 Million Gallons of Storage

Treatment Steps

Preliminary Treatment:
Fine screening, Grit removal 

Secondary (Biological) Treatment:
Aeromod Activated Sludge Process providing Biological Nitrogen and Phosphorous Removal

Disinfection (Seasonal):
Closed Vessel UV Light

Excess flow facilities:
Storm pumping station. lagoon storage until returned through plant.

Solids Handling:

Aerobic Digestion , Screw Press Dewatering, Solids Landfilled,  
Landcomp Ottawa,IL